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Will tinting your windows devalue your car? Or increase value?

I’m meditative about receiving my camry to get a windows coloured as well as a couple of people told me not to since it will diminution a resale or bluebook worth of a car? is this true? we additionally listened which a stain can be private completly only as simply as it was put on

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  1. It will increase the value, but not much. Depends on the buyer & seller.

    Yes, the window tint can be removed completely if you don’t like it. I’ve had my 92 Honda’s windows tinted since ownership. My mom bought the car used with the tinting on & we’ve replaced it twice in 14 years. The car’s 15 years old this June & was a lease return. Car was purchased originally purchased without tint & added by the man who leased the Honda. A friend of mine who works for a dealership did some research a few years ago & found out that due to the window tint addition, the guy got a better down payment on his next lease of a newer Honda.

    Don’t try doing the tint yourself. It’s a LOT of work & if not done right, air bubbles will make it look awful. It’s better left to a professional. Mobile window tinting is just as professional as the ones in a shop. I’ve used both & liked the results with each one. I do suggest you shop around for the best price though. Some places have better prices than others, mobile tinters included. Depending on where you live, the best time to have the tinting done is Spring & Summer. The heat of the sun is usually a factor in setting the tint. Also, don’t tint too dark. You can be pulled over & ticketed. That’s happened to my brother a few times & he’s had to go back & have a layer or so removed. Better to tint light than too dark.

  2. It’s a Camry, if it affects your resale value it’s not going to matter. Maybe $100 on the price? Unless a car is an exotic or classic, don’t worry about resale value.

  3. Tint can be removed, but not easily.

    Tint will not decrease the value of your car, it will enhance it’s appeal, which could bring in a couple of extra bucks when selling it. If you want it, go ahead and get it, besides the chance of a ticket, there is no downfall to tinting.

  4. well when you purchase a car, and you look at the same car one has tinted windows and the other doesn’t, the one WITH the tint costs more. i think it is an accessory preference, I don’t think the value of the car changes, it just depends on if you want to spend the extra money to purchase tint on your own, or at the dealer. when you trade in your car, i don’t think it makes a difference in how much they give you…

  5. tinting is jsut a big sticker placed and cut around the inside of windows, it can be simply peeled off.

  6. I don’t know about decreasing the value but, adding window tint protects the interior from fading and/or sun damage. It depends on what kind of window tint you get on whether or not it is easy to come off

  7. If you can get it done properly like no air bubbles and get the edges done neatly the buyer wouldnt or shouldnt complain. I can’t see it increasing or decreasing the value if its such a big deal they can peel it off

  8. I just sold a car with tinting and I think I got more because the buyer is from Vegas where it’s 120 degrees in the summer.

    Personally, I like tinting and wish it was a factory option because they’re better done than aftermarket.

    My Lexus came with factor tints and it’s beautifully done…. and I don’t have to worry about scratching it since it’s built in to the windows.

  9. It shouldn’t matter one way or the other. The change in value — up or down — will be a fraction of what you pay for the tint job anyway. Most "blue books" don’t ask about window tint anyway so the impact would generally be zero.

    Most can be removed fairly easily. Use caution on the rear window so that you don’t damage the defroster wires.

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