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What does a new transmission do for the value of a car?

I have the 2002 Ford Explorer as well as had to reinstate the delivery final year during around 80,000 miles. Does this do anything for the worth of my automobile if we were to sell it? Also, do the lot of cars need brand new transmissions when they have been 7 years old, or is it only fords? Because I’m meditative I’m never starting to buy the travel again since of this.

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  1. transmissions go out on all cars it just depends on how you drive the car and how its maintained its nothing to do with the car make. Also having a new transmission will raise the value if you have documentation

  2. transmissions go out a lot and having a brand new one can certainly raise the price of the vehicle because it guarantees that the transmission will not break anytime soon.

  3. if you have a new transmission the value does go up

  4. Unfortunatley, the previous posts are not accurate. The fact that your Explorer has a new transmission in it does not increase it’s value. Sure, you can try to get someone to pay more for it for that reason, but the reality is that by putting a new transmission in it you are simply maintaining the value of the vehicle as compared to another similar vehicle with a used or original transmission. The important thing is that the Explorer has a transmission in it. Whether it’s new or has 70K miles on it doesn’t matter. It’s like if you spent $1000 for aftermarket rims; it doesn’t make the car worth $1000 more. If your Ford had no transmission or a bad one, of course it would be worth less than one with a working transmission, but all you did by putting a new transmission in it is bring the value of it back up to where it would be if it still had the original, functioning unit in it. In the eyes of a potential buyer, a new transmission might even make the vehicle worth less. It can open up questions about how the car was maintained and driven and why it needed a transmission at 70K miles. The only way it might make your Ford worth more is if there was a warranty on the transmission, but even then any increase in value would be offset by the questions and concerns arising from having had to replace it in the first place.

    I wouldn’t let this sour you on Ford in general. They build some of the best SUV’s and trucks on the road. It is unusual for a transmission to go at 70K miles, so that could have been any car. Honda and Acura both had well-documented transmission problems on some of the vans and SUV’s in the 2002 – 2004 range, and they are known to build some of the most reliable cars in the world.

    Though it may not be exactly what you were hoping to hear, it’s the real answer to your question.

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