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Should I be able to get kelly Blue book trade in value for my car when trading in ?

I am starting to be traffic in my vehical upon a brand new a single we was wondering should we be means to get Kelly Blue book traffic in Value. On my automobile from a play we traffic it in to ?

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  1. Unfortunately, Kelly Blue Book has no bearing on the market place and their values are typically inflated. If you want a better idea of what your car is truly worth, I would suggest going to because their values are much closer to actual trade in appraised values. Good luck and I hope this helps.

  2. Usually not. That is usually wht they will sell it for. They will give you less than book value. That’s how they make all their money. If you want full value then you’ll need to sell it yourself. Then buy a new car.

  3. probably not the reason is that kelley blue book is the best case sceanrio and the dealer looks at what he can get for your car by seeing what the auctions are getting for them as well as supply and demand

  4. Prolly not. Most dealers use the NADA book (it’s kinda yellow) and they start the value at average loan and go up or down from there.

  5. no.. they give you waaayyy less.

  6. No, you will get lower, since they have to resale it into auctions and need to make a slight profit.

  7. it will be difficult … most dealers want to give you as little as possible for your car and charge you as much as possible for their car … it’s all about profit margin …

    you are better off looking up NADA, Edmunds, and Kelly Blue Book private party values and trying to sell the car yourself for somewhere around the average of those 3 values (try craigslist) … you are likely to get at least 10-20% more if you sell it yourself …

    good luck!

  8. KBB is a tool for sales professionals to determine value. I know we all like to goof on used car people but they need to bridge the gap between offering a fair enough trade-in to the customer and making a profit for the business owner. BTW when I managed at dealerships in the 80s and 90s the average profit our used car dept made per vehicle was $800-900. People say to sell it privately is the way to get the most but the couple of times I tried this the private buyers were trying to absolutely STEAL the car from me. So beware. If you know the KBB of your car (be realistic on condition) and the value of the one you want to buy, you can do the math yourself and determine if you are getting value.

  9. KBB prices are usually inflated a little bit. Appraise your car on KBB, Edmunds, and NADA and take the average of those three. That will give you a good idea what it’s worth. They will probably offer 10-20% below that so you have to work them to get what you want out of it. If your car is worth more than you owe on it I would sell it myself…you can usually get 1500-2000$ more.

  10. Edmunds is a much more reliable and real-world site to get pricing information on your used car. KBB is geared towards the dealer and their information is way out of whack with reality.

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