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How much value does a car lose when it is in an accident?

I am shopping a brand new automobile as well as wish to traffic in my 2001 mustang convertible. The automobile is in great condition as well as has about 4000 in aftermarket upgrades though has teenager paint defects upon a back bumber since of an collision it was in. KBB says we should get about 7500 (stock) for it as well as a dealership is observant they will usually give me 6000 since of a accident. Does a worth dump which most or have been they perplexing to slice me off???

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  1. How much money will it cost to make it like it was never wrecked ?. Deduct that much from the KBB trade-in value.

    After market up grades do not add a lot of value to trading in a car.

  2. It depends on the severity of the accident and the condition of the car. Nowadays anyone can get a Carfax or similar report on a car and will bargain from a position of greater power with the seller. If the damage was great enough that a salvage or totaled notation was placed on the title, the value really plummets.

    Most buyers will shy away from a car that’s been wrecked. A lot of that thinking might be misguided, reaching back to the past when an accident usually meant a car would never run right again. But it is still a big concern and they are harder to sell, thus a lower value is applied to them. Good luck.

  3. I would take the car in to a body shop and get it repaired, and then sell it myself. check with the kbb and see what it is worth for a private seller.

    If the cost of repairs subtracted from the kbb private seller price then you could just trade it in. good luck.

    I also had a 01 mustang GT convertible premium.

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