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How much does a salvage title affect the value of a car?

Assuming a automobile is in great operative condition as well as a automechanic finds no problems, how most will a deliver pretension start a worth of a car? For e.g. if a blue book says ,000 in great condition, what would we guess a worth of a automobile to be?

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  1. A salvage title means the car was written off as a total loss by the insurance company. In most cases due to a severe auto accident where the cost of repairs exceeded the reasonable value of the car.

    Any car with a salvage title is not worth buying at any price because you have no way of knowing how well the car was repaired or if it even meets manufacturers crash test requirements any more. In other words, one more accident and this car could be crushed like an accordion. It may or may not withstand the impact of another serious accident.

    In my estimate any car with a salvage title is a huge safety and financial risk. Most insurance companies won’t write policies on acar that has previously been totaled and almost no legitimate lender will write a loan for a salvage title since the car is to high a risk.

    A salvage title is worth about 50% less than the reasonable street value of the car. So if KBB says the Private Party value of your car is $10,000 in good condition, take 50% of that.

  2. As far as I’m concerned, a car with a salvage title has little value.

  3. No more than 50% of the blue book value, assuming that you can verify that the car was properly repaired to factory specs.

    Many salvage vehicles are not built to factory standards and can behave in extremely unpredictable ways in a subsequent accident. For example, some parts of a car’s body are spot-welded so that it crushes or deforms in a predictable manner in an accident, isolating passengers from the most violent crash forces. If those seams are welded with a continuous bead weld when the original accident damage is repaired, the body may not crush properly with catastrophic results on the passengers in the car.

    Since many repairs may be hidden from inspection once the work is done, even a careful inspection by a highly experienced body and frame mechanic may not be able to determine if the car was repaired in a safe manner. For this reason, most insurance companies won’t offer collision or comprehensive coverage on salvage vehicles and some will only offer minimum liability coverage. Unless you are willing to assume the entire risk of damage to the vehicle and most of the risk of injuries to your passengers, stay far away from rebuilt salvage vehicles.

    Some types of damage that result in a salvage title being issued can never be properly repaired. O good example is a car that was submerged in salt water. Some states brand these as Salvage, Scrap Only and will not re-title or re-register the vehicle at all. Other states are looser with the Salvage brand and will allow almost anything to be "rebuilt" if it can pass a cursory examination by the state.

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